​Tiered Virtual CFO Program:

The Virtual CFO Partnership Program ensures that you have all of the data required to make informed, strategic decisions with a focus on maximizing profitability and protecting the business.  It begins with a deep discovery meeting, gaining complete insight into all aspects of your business, and determine if your business would be a fit for one of the tier based programs.  

Process: Through the step-by-step process, each client is guided through the discovery, analysis, and implementation of their custom tailored solution. 

Fees: All fees are negotiated based on complexity and desired service expectations. It is understood that no two businesses are exactly the same

Financial Analyst

      • Ensures organization of financial data and correct setup of financial reporting systems
      • Monthly core financial reports
      • Scheduled monthly meeting to discuss financial reports
      • Unlimited online support
      • Core Strategic Financial Dashboards

Virtual CFO Strategic Partnership  -  Optimization of Profitability Through Strategic Planning, Implementation, & Monitoring

    • ​Average Cost = $1,250 per Week
    • Includes all aspects of Financial Analyst  and Controller Programs, with an additional partnership around strategic financial planning to optimize profits
    • Up to six scheduled monthly meetings to discuss financial reports and analysis and develop strategic firm initiatives to increase profitability
    • Customized virtual reporting platform custom tailored to specific business
    • Financial performance by revenue stream and department
    • Project management profitability and completion platform
    • Project and expense ROI (return on investment) monitoring & optimization
    • Bank relationship & cash management platform
    • Technology and systems analysis & recommendation
    • Dedicated client support liaison and direct relationship with CPA strategic partner
    • Team based engagement platform
    • Board meeting participation (if requested)

Bill Pay & Accounts Payable

Invoice & Accounts Receivable Services

Human Resources Management

Payroll Services