Giving Back to Our Communities

We strongly believe in the importance of giving back and supporting the communities that we serve. Although we are a virtually based firm, we still feel that it is our obligation to give back to the communities we serve. "Our obligation to make the world a better place is not derived by our location or physical address, because we are a virtually based company, we are able to give back to communities across all of the geographic areas we serve.

Financial Literacy for All Platform

Our mission with The Financial Literacy for All platform is to enable those with limited or no access to sound financial advice the resources they need to make smart financial decisions. Through our financial literacy based platform, we provide access to unbiased, no-sales financial programs promoting financial literacy to those that need it most.

Enabling Education with Technology

The mission with the Enabling Education with Technology platform is to equip educators and students with the technology that they need to be successful in an e-learning environment. We are also focused on advancing the development and availability of technology for students with special needs, understanding the impact that technology solutions have on advancing the therapy and success of students with challenges. 

Next Generation of Entrepreneurs in Finance Accounting & Technology

As a firm deeply rooted in financial planning, accounting, and technology, we believe it is necessary to acknowledge and support the next generation of entrepreneurs in these fields of study. With the support and experience, we feel that we can empower the next-generation of entrepreneurs and leaders to advance each field of study significantly.