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Fred Lundin CPA is a virtually based, forward thinking CPA accounting and technology consulting firm focused on enabling organizational success through strategic business initiatives and blending the exponential impact of technology with sound business practices. Established in the beginning of 2019, Fred Lundin CPA has helped numerous individuals and businesses with an array of client tailored services to ensure all goals and objectives are achieved. 

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Firm Principals

Fred Lundin CPA Firm Principals
  • Client Centered Approach - We consider our clients to be the most valuable asset to our business. Our success as a firm is directly aligned with our client's success. "If our clients are successful, we will experience mutual success."​​
  • Keep It Simple - We know it sounds cliche, but we feel that having the ability to explain and communicate complex topics in a simple understandable manner is important. "If our client's don't understand what we are doing, or how we are doing it, how can we expect them to pay for something they don't see the value in."
  • Long-Term Relationships - Although we do offer short-term or project based engagements, our core services are built around the relationship that we have with our clients. We feel that through our various services, we are able to provide significant value to your company for the long-term.
  • Innovation & Invention - We focus on emerging technology trends and products. What worked yesterday, may be different than what works today. Through taking an innovative approach to the way we operate, we are able to capture the exponential value that innovative technologies provide.

“Accounting is the Language of Business.” – Warren Buffet

Core Business Services

Small Business
Accounting Services

With years of experience and properly configured technology systems, we assist small business owners with streamlining their accounting and small business compliance.

Technology & Systems

Custom tailored technology transformation services focused on specific business needs, current operational process and implementing organization wide improvements to enable operational alpha.

Growth & Digital

Today's environment requires small business owners to maintain an online presence and continuously ensure that customers are able to find their business online & offline.

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